How to Complete Task The Feud in runescape gold site US Server

Runescape Gold Site US Server :Reward: A task point, blackjack, 15k thieving exp, Desert disguise, 500 rs gold and addy scimitar.

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Task Requirement: Level 30 thieving skill, be able to kill level 75 bandits
Item Demand: Shanty Pass, waterskin, at least 1,000 gold and a bucket. Most items could be obtained from local stores. You could also bring food and prayer potions to deal with level 75 bandits.
Talk with Ali Morrisane in Al-kharid to start the task, who is located in the east of gem shop. In the conversation, he will ask you to find his nephew Ali. Ali lives in a small town named Pollnivneach, south-east of Al-kharid. Do not forget to bring waterskin and desert equipment. You have to buy cap and fake beard from Ali Morrisane.
When you arrive at the small town Pollnivneah, you will see the wall and move east to the town. Talk with street urchin for four things. Then go to the southeast of the town; enter into the pub and buy three cups of beer from Ali the barmaid. Talk with drunken Ali, and he will exchange the information for the wine. After drinking beers, he will tell you the missing of nephew may be related with the bandits.

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Move toward the west of pub and find the Ali the operator beside a yellow tent. They are Menaphites.runescape gold site: Then ask them whether it is possible to stop the war if you help Bandits to return a camel to them. Ask the same question to any bandits and ask the same question. Then go to the middle of town to buy two camels with 1000 rs gold and keep the camel receipts. Give camel receipts to each bandit and you have to attend one group of them. Ali the operator will test you if you want to enter into their group.
First of all, you have to steal things from three villages. The first one is simple; ask suggestions from operator and disturb the villages to steal; find the street urchin and give him 10 golds to disturb one village and steal the village who has arrow in the head; then operator will give you a blackjack which can be used to stun the village and steal things.

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The second test is to steal jewelry of the major runescape gold site. Operator will give you the key of major; use cap and fake beard to make a mask; wear it and a pair of gloves; hide behind the big cactus and open the door with key when there are no people. Go upstairs and search the picture above the bed. Enter 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 into a security box from right to left. Return to the operator when you get the jewelry.
The last task is to kill the traitor. Go to kebab for hot sauce; use hot sauce in the camel food; use barrel to pack the brown dung. Return to the pub, a snake charmer will give you a flute and a basket if you put some gold on his pockets. In the west f town, there are some desert snakes. If you play flute on them, they will enter into your basket automatically. Ali the Hag will give a bottle of poison to kill the traitor if you give her the dung and desert snakes.
After returning to pub, you have to add poison to the bear of Traitorous Ali and return to find the operator. After meeting their leader, you decide kill him and he will set out a level 75 NPC to fight. Kill him and then talk to the leader of bandits, who will also release level 75 NPC to kill you. You also have to kill him and talk with the town major. He will be glad for what you have done and tell you something about the Ali Morrisane’s nephew.
At last, return back to Al-kharid to get rewards from Ali Morrisane.

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